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What Others Are Saying…

“The theory students are loving life. They have access to RTC at home and use it for all of their homework practice. At school they're in a realtime lab and all lesson assignments are completed via RTC. Every Monday is RTC day.... I'm seeing great progress with grades and tests, and students show more confidence in themselves.” --Terri Towe, Program Director

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Realtime Results

Bar chart - 94% of students increased their speedbuilding

“With just three weeks to prepare, Realtime Coach helped tremendously in giving me the practice time, speed, and pace to help me in passing the CRR.”
-- Jason Meadors, NCRA Board, RPR, CRR, Colorado


Realtime Coach™ users have logged over
One MILLION Hours of practice!

Realtime Spotlight


“I enjoy Realtime Coach™. It is the same for me as regular trips to the health club and my morning yoga stretches!” -- Nancy K., RPR


“Reporting has been my life, a profession I have loved. After 47 years of reporting, I've found Realtime Coach™ an excellent means to practice. I have told fellow reporters online and in person that Realtime Coach™ allows you to see individuals speaking, plus it gives the immediate feedback for your practice session and suggested practice drills to overcome your mistakes.” -- Ed Hawkins


“The season of Thanksgiving makes us mindful of so many blessings. This year I'm counting Realtime Coach™ amongst them! I have been struggling to pass the tests for a long time now. RTC's ability to point me to EXACTLY where I need to focus my attention is the perfect tool to add to my bag of tricks to pass the tests. I feel like it's not wasting my time in practice sessions. No more listening to the same tapes that I just about have memorized (and think I did great for writing them). Even when I'm having a bad writing day, I have the option of just writing short takes, word endings, challenging words, etc, all to keep me in the 'zone'. I am grateful RTC will give me the edge on complete success by FINALLY passing those tests!” -- Missie Martin - Veritext


Congratulations to Debra Zoetewey! She was the winner of the Colorado Judicial Branch-Realtime Coach™™ Free Trial Contest. Debra won a year subscription to Realtime Coach™™. Great job Debra!


Roberta Turner and Nury Medina are winners of the US Legal Support-Realtime Coach™™ Free Trial Contest. Together they logged over 60 hours in a two-week period. An amazing feat! For their efforts, they each have won a year subscription to Realtime Coach™™. Congratulations to both of you and keep up the great work!


We would like to congratulate Marie (Missie) Martin and Laureen Christonikos from Veritext National Deposition & Litigation Services. They are the winners of the Veritext-Realtime Coach™™ Free Trial Contest. They have each won a year subscription to Realtime Coach™™. Great job!


Colorado Judicial Department is encouraging all their official reporters to purchase RTC to help them obtain their CRR, a required state certification.

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